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to Banks

Reliability and stability of banking business in many respects is predetermined by the quality of that information, on the basis of which critical financial decisions are made.

The 1MFS company carries detailed (construction, legal, financial) due diligence of construction objects, which enables to:

  • control construction progress and to check if the objects of carry-over construction correspond to set up parameters. We shall also define actual scope and quality of works and materials, their conformance to design documentation and requirements of normative-technical documents;
  • assess the value of pledge object more precisely. Based on the construction due diligence results, we shall determine the cost of construction operations performed and materials used.
  • conduct due diligence of real estate development project by our own efforts. We shall give a conclusion on legitimacy of construction, including legality of available judicial documents for the object and land plot, correctness of preparation and legalization of permitting and as-built documents.

The object of carry-over construction can become the liquid asset so far forth as it is allowed by existing market environment, due to available objective information confirmed by independent comprehensive due diligence.

We offer our services on monitoring of intended use of funds provided by the borrowers in the volumes required for a bank and with the required periodicity to the banks financing construction. Our specialists check conformance of the scopes of work covered in acceptance certificate to the works actually performed in the object. We monitor execution of the approved work schedule in the object, completeness and correctness of preparation and legalization of permitting documents, quality of performance and materials used. Ongoing construction due diligence enables to reduce the risks of estimated cost and construction time increase considerably and, as a consequence, to avoid the appearance of problem loans in sufficient time.

The 1MFS company specialists not only conduct legal due diligence and construction audit, but also perform construction management.