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to Investors

For investors considering proposals of acquisition of carry-over objects or a share in real estate developing project, we perform comprehensive legal, marketing and construction due diligence as well as investments efficiency analysis with calculation of project financial indicators.

Comprehensive due diligence of construction objects and real estate developing projects presents to investors the following information:

  • evaluation of the scope and quality of factually completed construction operations;
  • exact value of construction completion on the basis of object measurements, proceeding from the available design-estimate documentation and existing normative technical documents;
  • recommendations on project optimization, including its re-conception, with calculation of the time and cost of construction completion;
  • legal analysis of risks of possible claims from creditors, state supervising authorities with assessment of their influence on the time and cost of construction completion;
  • key financial indicators enabling to evaluate the efficiency of investments to the project adequately;
  • recommendations on minimization of revealed risks.

On the basis of our conclusions, the investors make substantiated decisions regarding the expediency of investments to the object or real estate development project under consideration.

We can perform due diligence in tight schedule with the analysis of basic data recommended by us and the indicators selected by the investors.

As for the investors implementing real state development project, we offer construction management services, including:

  • Reduction of time and financial expenditures for implementation and organization of object designing and construction processes;
  • Building up of organizational and legal mechanism of project implementation;
  • Competitive selection of designing and subcontractor companies, materials and equipment suppliers, conclusion of contracts;
  • Management of designing, construction and other works;
  • Strict observance of the budgets approved, financing schedules and construction operations;
  • Monitoring of intended use of the funds allocated, quality of construction operations and materials used;
  • Ensuring of conformance of the object constructed to the requirements of design-estimate documentation and legislation.

We can carry out re-conception of the project with optimization of its technical and economic indicators to achieve maximum profitability under the existing conditions.