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Construction due Diligence

For the companies and physical persons having no experience and knowledge in construction, we conduct due diligence of industrial, residential and commercial real estate projects under construction.

Construction due diligence enables to evaluate technical conditions of the project and engineering services, quality and scope of carried out construction operations.

The results obtained can be used for solution of questions on acquisition and sale of construction projects, time and cost of construction completion and for reception of evidence in the case of legal controversy with subcontractors or developers. The specialists of our company also appear in courts as construction experts.

During construction due diligence, we perform judicious visual inspection of the project and instrumental assessment of the quality of carried out construction operations, analyze design and as-built documentation.

Regular construction due diligence or technical supervision can also be used by banks and investors for independent expert monitoring of the quality, time and cost of construction operations being carried out. Such expert monitoring minimizes the risks of inappropriate use of credits, unjustified increase of time and cost of construction.