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Development of conception

The 1MFS company provides the services on elaboration of the conceptions of development and use of residential and commercial real estate property.

In real estate market, “conception” usually means substantiation of the best and the most effective option of use and development of real estate property. The conception describes what does this piece of property represent (would represent), for what leasers (customers) it is designed and which strategy of its implementation should be chosen by the investors to achieve maximum profit.

Availability of professionally elaborated conception of real estate property enables to:

  • Create the real estate property which will be in demand for a long time in various (including crisis) conditions;
  • Determine the profile of potential leasers and customers and create the promotion (advertisement) plan for real estate property;
  • Select the most optimal option of using the existing real estate property with regard to existing and future market conditions;
  • Formulate architectural-design and engineering-technical requirements to future real estate property, technical specification for designing;
  • Demonstrate market feasibility and economic effectiveness of the project to investors and creditors, to attract investments into the project ;
  • Evaluate and minimize existing and future risks of project implementation.

Which is better – to lease or to sell the existing real estate property? What to do with the available land plot? Is it worth to carry out construction operations under present conditions or is it better to leave everything as is? How to withdraw from the project with least costs? If construct, then what is better residential units, offices, sales premises or production? What areas are in demand in the location of land plot? What leasers can be reckoned on small, intermediate or large? What time and what rates can be applied for leasing? How to convince investors or banks in the expediency of project continuation or project financing? How to evaluate the project financial success reliably?

The answers to these and many other questions will be contained in the conception of real estate property developed by 1MFS on your request.
Depending on the customer’s demands, our services can vary from express analyzing of weak and strong points of the existing real estate property unit to the development of complete construction conception (with business plan).

Under the present market conditions, we shall help to change the existing conception or to check not implemented one, to assess financial substantiation of such changes.

Our specialists are experienced in implementation of more than 50 own and third-party projects in the sphere of residential, countryside, office, commercial, hotel, recreational, industrial and warehouse real estate property located in Moscow and in the regions of Russia. This enables us to provide consulting services at the highest professional level.