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Construction management

The 1MFS company presents a new service of construction projects professional management for the Russian market - fee-development.

In order to implement a real estate development project successfully (it is not important whether it is constructed for own purposes or for leasing), it is required to:

  • formulate the objectives, requirements and limitations of its investors and creditors extremely particularly;
  • build up organizational and legal mechanism of project implementation;
  • involve architects and designers for selecting of the most optimal architectural-designing and engineering-technical solutions;
  • select design and subcontractor companies, suppliers of materials and equipment competitively, to conclude corresponding contracts;
  • manage design, construction and other types of operations;
  • observe the approved budgets, financing schedules and carrying out of construction operations rigorously;
  • perform ongoing monitoring of the intended use of funds allocated, quality of carrying out of construction operations and the materials used;
  • ensure conformance of the object constructed to the requirements of design-estimate documentation and legislation.

Unfortunately, the practice in Russia shows that shifting of all these functions to General subcontractor or customer technical service often leads to the results deplorable for the project investors and creditors.

Both Russian and foreign investors and banks need permanent professional protection of their interests. Therefore, planning and project management in accordance with generally accepted international standards are currently the main constituents of effective investment.

The 1MFS company manages construction projects both at the initial stage, for example, selecting the land plot, and at later stages, including construction completion management.

Below are detailed stages of construction projects implementation and basic services provided by us.

Stage 1. Conception development and feasibility study

  • formation of investment conception;
  • search and acquisition of land plot or assessment of available one for the purpose of possible construction operations;
  • determination of basic technical and economic indicators of construction project;
  • development of sketch design and project marketing conception, if required;
  • receiving of technical specifications for connection to engineering service lines;
  • assessment of legal risks which can affect the time and cost of project implementation;
  • clarification of technical and economic indicators of the project, calculation of investor cost estimate;
  • drawing up of project business plan, evaluation of economic efficiency of investments;
  • development of package calendar plan of project implementation.

Stage 2. Designing

  • development of detailed technical specification for designing with regard to investor requirements and restrictions;
  • holding of tenders and conclusion of contracts for carrying out of engineering-geological surveys and designing;
  • management of designing for the purpose to optimize the time and cost of construction;
  • receiving of favorable conclusion of the State expert appraisal of design and initial permit documentation required for construction.

Stage 3. Construction

  • holding of tenders, negotiations on selection of subcontractor companies, suppliers of materials and equipment, conclusion of contracts;
  • drawing up of detailed schedule of project implementation, holding of weekly meetings dedicated to the project, formation of the required reporting for investors/creditors;
  • monitoring of the scope, quality and cost of carried out construction operations and equipment supplied;
  • enforcement of execution of construction operations schedule;
  • enforcement of issue of as-built documentation for the construction operations being performed.

Stage 4. Operation

  • receiving of conclusion about conformance of the project constructed to the requirements of technical regulations and design documentation;
  • receiving of permit for putting of the project into operation;
  • сбор и передача инвестору всей документации необходимой для эксплуатации объекта;
  • organization of sale/leasing of project areas, holding of tender or negotiations on selection of real estate brokers, conclusion of contracts, if required;
  • holding of tender or negotiations on selection of operating/managing company, conclusion of contract;
  • taking of all the required measures on preparation and formalization of property right to the project constructed.

In the course of project implementation, the investor receives a detailed schedule of project financing, as well as all the required information about the list of works, time and cost of construction operations being performed.

A completely constructed project with the registered right of property and all the documentation required for its operation is handed over to the investor upon completion of construction.

We created a team of highly professional specialists having a great experience in implementation of investment projects of Russian and foreign investors. The knowledge in the sphere of construction management and the experience of own projects successful implementation enable us to manage the projects of construction of residential, commercial and industrial real property with maximum efficiency.