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Evaluation of investments

The 1MFS company provides services on evaluation of investment projects efficiency. Professional due diligence of construction projects, realistic forecast of incomes and expenditures on the investment project, building up of optimal financing scheme enable to minimize the project risks, to attract partners and investors and to convince the bank in financial solvency.

If you apply to our company, you will get:

  • Evaluation of construction cost and recommendations on optimization (economy) of construction budget;
  • Recommendations on attraction of project financing sources with the tools required to convince potential investors and creditors;
  • The set of complete and structured conclusions on feasibility and efficiency of the selected project, on the expediency of single or partner participation in the investment;
  • Open financial model in the selected software environment (Alt-Invest, Project Expert, Exel), owing to which you will be able to evaluate investments to real estate independently, under different social and economic conditions;
  • Possibility of operative risk management by determining and monitoring of the value of critically significant indicators which affect the project success.

We use international principles of investment projects evaluation with regard to our experience of managing own and third-party real estate development projects.